Our History

A Glimpse of the Past

A little bit of our story…

1832 is the earliest recorded date of the original Christian Church in the old Ninth District of Davidson County. The first congregation was located in the area known as South Harpeth. Alexander Campbell preached at the church for a short time. Some of the first congregants were the Newsom and Howe families, along with other pioneers who moved to the West of Nashville.  

In 1854 two congregations sprang from the original group: one making Pasquo its home and the other congregation becoming the Bellevue Christian. A small frame church was built near the old Toll House, only to burn down forty years later. The fire started from an overheated stove following services in the winter of 1894. This catastrophe served as a challenge to the congregation. Using the local Masonic Hall, which built in 1850, Bellevue Christian held Sunday School classes and morning worship services, and baptismal services were held at the creek across the street of the present building.

In 1906, the present sanctuary was constructed on land mostly donated to the congregation, and was eventually dedicated on November 5, 1917. During this season, the local Methodist congregation and Bellevue Christian joined hands for ecumenical services during Thanksgiving and Easter. Thereafter, in 1956 the present fellowship hall was added to the sanctuary. Four Sunday School classes were held there, while four classes met in the sanctuary. Often, in warm weather, one or more classes moved out to the yard. then, in 1967 several acres adjacent to Bellevue Christian were purchased, making a total of seven and a half acres of land available for future expansion. Shortly after, in 1974 our first full-time minister was appointed, and in 1980 the west wing of the building was constructed.

When Bellevue, a rapidly growing suburb of Nashville, emerged from being a rural village, Bellevue Christian was likewise transformed, and great hopes were birthed for the future. Originally, a “the little brown church in the wildwood,” the church building has become an established space at the corner of Old Harding Pike and Colice Jeanne Road with open hearts and open doors to the community surrounding it.



Bellevue Christian is founded.

Builds the first building.

Fire burns the first building.

Builds the new building (existing sanctuary)

Finally dedicates the new building.

The fellowship hall is added.

The first full-time minister is called.

The offices and classrooms are added.

The steeple is added.