Walk the Labyrinth

Open to the Public

A little about our Labyrinth


In 2008, Bellevue Christian Church created an eight-circuit labyrinth behind the church with the entrance and exit facing west. The bricks were donated by members and the Union Station Brick Company in Nashville, TN. Tim Towers of Nashville marked the labyrinth pattern on the ground, and then he, along with church members and landscape workers, completed the labyrinth.

The labyrinth is a wonderful symbol of the spiritual journey that was introduced into medieval prayer practice when the traditional pilgrimages to the Holy Land became too dangerous for most travelers. This long-forgotten mystical tradition is being rediscovered and utilized in many places. 

The path of a labyrinth is not a maze, but a single path that leads to the center of the labyrinth and then back out of the labyrinth. The walk toward the center of labyrinth provides time to identify the things in our lives that separate us from God. It is a time when we offer up to God those things preparing us to spend time with Him when the center is reached. At the center, we spend time listening for the Spirit’s guidance sensing the deep affection God has for us. When ready, we begin the walk out from the center. This walk provides time to prepare us to “reenter life” with a renewed commitment to following God's ways.

The public is welcome to walk the labyrinth anytime.